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Why Should You Choose Dallas Mobile Mechanics? 

Established in 1999, Dallas Mobile Mechanics prides itself on giving the customer what they want-car service that is economical, convenient and professional. We do our best to save you money in multiple ways.

  • There is no service charge involved.
  • If you chose to have us fix your vehicle, the diagnostic fee is waived.
  • If you purchase your parts from O’Reilly’s, you will receive a discount
  • Because we don’t take credit cards, there is no credit processing fee.
  • We have a 12 month/12,000-mile warranty on labor.

Dallas Mobile Mechanics is insured in the rare event that anything happens to your car under our care

We believe convenience is key to great customer service

  • Saving you a time-consuming trip to an auto repair shop, we will come to you, whether at your home or the office.
  • If you have the part needed for the repair in your possession, we’ll use it.

We take pride in our professionalism, through our work ethic and our appearance

  • All our mechanics have no less than five years of experience in repairing both import and domestic cars.
  • Each mechanic has gone through a background check and a drug test to insure quality of service to you, our valued customer.
  • Our employees express an air of professionalism with each mechanic dressed in our company uniforms with a team player mentality.​
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